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Private Road and Driveway Services

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Maintain existing private roads and driveways
Build new private roads and driveways
Right of easement for Oil field roads



The key to a long lasting asphalt road or driveway is always a function of the base material.  First, you must evaluate the type of traffic that will use the driveway.  Cars, pick up trucks and light loads vs. heavy loads and trucks.  A strong black top driveway uses angular gravel as a base.  The depth of this base determines the load the road can safely handle.  Also, a strong base extends the life of your driveway.  The thickness of this base will determine the strength and durability of the driveway.  Blacktop is typically composed of a mixture of sand, stone and liquid asphalt.  This pliable composition makes this type of surface ideal to withstand many types of weather conditions.

Concrete roads and driveways are appealing for their durability, long life and reduced maintenance requirements.  A concrete road or driveway also adds value to your property.  How well your road or driveway withstands the test of time is largely a function of the quality of workmanship and materials that go into it.  A properly installed concrete drive can last for decades with very little maintenance.

Flexbase and Gravel
Flexbase performs equally as well as gravel, but is more affordable.  These types of roads and driveways have many applications especially in rural areas.  As with any road or driveway, careful considerations must be made for planning, base preparation and quality of materials.  The durability and life of the product depends on three elements.  The drive must have a properly crowned driving surface, a shoulder area that slopes directly away from the edge of the driving surface and a ditch.  A poorly constructed gravel road or driveway will require frequent maintenance, possible car damage and additional expenses.